Welcome to the history of the Christmas tree shop experience! Since President Franklin Pierce arranged to have the first Christmas tree in the White House, during the mid-1850s, Americans have been mad for displaying Christmas trees .  The popularity of Christmas trees in America was further reinforced in the 1900’s with the Rockefeller Christmas Tree which has been a tradition for close to a century .

How did they pick the right Christmas tree shop to purchase their tree though? Picking right store used to be as simple as driving down to your nearest Christmas tree lot. These Christmas tree shops were conveniently located near high traffic intersections in parking lots and vacant lots.

In the 1900’s artificial Christmas trees were made available with new options and ways to shop for your Christmas trees.  It was common to find several artificial Christmas trees available for purchase at retail stores though out the country.  Local convenience and hardware stores were the Christmas tree shops of these times.  These artificial Christmas trees could also be ordered though catalogs making the process of purchasing a Christmas tree increasingly easy and stress free.

With the creation and evolution of the internet, it has never been easier to research and purchase the right artificial Christmas tree for you. The world wide web has become the ultimate Christmas Tree shop.  Hundreds of artificial Christmas Trees are available at your finger tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The evolution of the Christmas Tree shop continued in 2012 with the Modern Christmas Tree shop.  This website is the Christmas tree shop of today and exclusive seller of the Modern Christmas Tree line of trees.  Modern Christmas Trees is a patented line of artificial Christmas trees made of conentric collapsible rings.  The trees are easy to put up, take down and they even store flat.  This modern day Christmas tree shop even allows you to consult with the tree designer for free to ensure you select the right tree for you.  For more information on the Modern Christmas Tree shop history check out this feature in Architectural Digest.