Are there any artificial Christmas trees made in the America?  Where are artificial Christmas Trees even made?  Lets take a closer look these questions.  After all, don’t you care were the products you buy come from?

Of the 32.8 million Christmas trees sold in America in 2018, 23.6 million were artificial.  An estimate 90 percent of those artificial Christmas trees sold were manufactured in China.  There seems to be no American companies currently manufacturing artificial Christmas trees in the USA. Sure there are hundreds of American companies selling artificial Christmas trees, they just aren’t manufactured in the USA. They are nearly all made in China.

Are there any artificial Christmas trees made in America then? The answer is yes!  Modern Christmas Trees is now manufacturing many of its trees in America. Although some of the components are made in factories overseas, nearly every tree is packaged and assembled in the USA, helping to create local jobs.  This wasn’t always the case though. Modern Christmas trees were made available to the world in 2012. In the first 2 years of business, the trees were made in America but because of scaling challenges and manufacturing costs, manufacturing was moved overseas. Now many of the trees are made from acrylic factories in the USA. The rings from these acrylic sheets are cut by Lairds plastics in Denver, helping to contribute to the local economy.  The trees are also assembled using ballchain from an American manufacturer helping to support additional American jobs.

The impact of manufacturing artificial Christmas trees in America not only has local and national economic benefits, it also has environmental benefits.  If you currently own an artificial Christmas tree, the is a 90% chance it was made in China and had to travel halfway across the world to get to you. Think about the carbon footprint that tree has created in its way to get to you. For more information about these unique trees check out this feature in Architectural Digest.