As the world continues to rapidly change, the year 2022 will soon be coming to an end, and Christmas is just around the corner! As the holiday season approaches, it is time to start thinking about some decoration ideas – particularly for the Christmas tree and its décor!

Modern Christmas Trees are catching on fast with the mid-century modern community. They are the ideal blend of modernism and old sensations – just like the original style. It’s time to place your tree next to the mid-century modern sideboard in your living room. So, if you’re looking for unique and incredibly fashionable ideas and Christmas trees to buy here in this article, we have got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

What is Mid-Century Design?

Architecture and industrial, interior, and graphic design were all part of the movement, which lasted roughly from 1933 to 1965. Designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, and George Nelson produced timeless furniture and lighting. The architectural style is notable for its use of large expanses of glass, flat surfaces, and a deep connection to nature, as seen in the work of Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler.

What Inspires Mid-Century Design?

The style evolved from early-twentieth-century Modernism, which included the International and Bauhaus movements. Mid-century modernism really took hold after WWII, thanks to new technologies and materials, as well as newfound prosperity. The era’s designs were also influenced by the migration to urban areas, which resulted in smaller living spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree5 Mid-Century Modern Decor Ideas

Christmas may be the most delightful time of the year, but the frou-frou decorations might be a bit much for people with modern homes and sensibilities.

The sheer grandeur of themed décor can also detract from the modest elegance of many modern design home interiors. This is why we’ve produced a list of some fantastic Mid-Century Christmas décor ideas for individuals with minimalist tastes. Let’s have a look:

  1. Playing With Colors

Candy Cane red and white may be the best color theme of all Christmas décor, but what if you could experiment with alternative colors?

It will assist you in retaining the elegance and charm of your existing house décor while adding a dramatic flair! Even the tree has been dressed in a vivid, stunning pink tint to harmonize and visually balance with the surroundings. This approach complements most modern and contemporary house interiors!

  1. Exacting Your Décor

To harmonize with the modern elements of most modern homes, Mid-Century Christmas décor must be slightly muted. As a result, going overboard with the accessories is not an option.

The Christmas tree’s white-to-green gradation complements the surroundings wonderfully. Even the red baubles complement the current accenting. The minimalist wreath and JOY lights provided mild cheer and themed ambiance to the décor without being overpowering, creating a beautiful mid-century modern living area.

  1. Bringing in some Modern Cheer

While decorating the halls with holly balls may not be the ideal solution to your Mid-Century Christmas décor issues, you can surely add a lot of happiness by strategically putting all of your ornaments and accessories.

The string decoration over the fireplace complements the glass bottles containing the single stem greenies well. Similarly, the artistically adorned tree contrasts nicely with the rest of the current design surroundings!

  1. Match the Accents

Its use of bold accents defines the Mid-Century Modern style. While most of the color palette in this design is neutral, there are usually bright-colored accents that give lovely accenting.

You may use a similar method to complete your Mid-Century Christmas decor! A Christmas tree serves as the ideal backdrop for your mid-century modern coffee table. As a result, you’ll have a wholesome and beautifully harmonized ambiance that’s stylish, cheerful, and eye-catching!

  1. Just the Tree

Sometimes all you need is one statement-making Mid-Century Christmas décor element to bring out the best in your modern interior ideas. Most of the time, it’s a lovely tree.

However, the ornaments you use on this tree must be very subtle. Instead of the customary colorful accessories and ornaments, you can decorate with plain white balls and fairy lights. If you think that would be too bland, think again!

Shop Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree

Often, the most effective Christmas decorations aren’t even Christmas decorations at all. Look for pieces that may be used as Christmas decorations all year long. The loveliest Christmas trees available in 2021 are listed here.

10′ Tree: The 10′ tall extra-large Christmas tree in pearl white is the ideal way to add some magical whimsy to your Holiday décor this season!

It eschews the usual red and green candy-cane ornamentation in favor of something completely avant-garde. Its body is entirely made of wire, and the lights hanging from each circular tier serve as adornment.

It’s a tree that embraces modernism in its purest form, and it’s a terrific way to create a mild yet fashionable impression in your Christmas themed mid century modern living room this year.

8′ White Tree: If you’re seeking an elegant and contemporary Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea, this 8′ ft tall Christmas tree in a blank canvas is perfect! The tall stature, wire structure, and beautiful light ornaments on each “branch” make it an instant main point in any room!

This is the type of tree found in large and opulent residences. What’s more, you may use it as a show-stopping masterpiece that can even be illuminated when the rest of your room is darkened!

Wall Tree: Long Christmas trees are fine, but if you truly want to attempt something distinct and unique, then the Wall Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea is for you. The tree, which has a gorgeous acrylic half-rings construction, might be a terrific alternative for your Holiday décor.

Tabletop “Jubilee” Tree: If you have a small living area, you’ll appreciate this low-cost Tabletop tree Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree concept! This tree idea is incredibly beautiful, as it is made of simple and basic elements. The light illuminates a whole space, creating a remarkable experience. Allows you to celebrate holidays all year round. Although small in stature, the multicolor LED lights up any size room.


We hope you enjoyed this year’s tour of our mid-century modern Christmas decoration ideas!

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