Four Modern Christmas Decoration Ideas with a Difference

Are you tired of tacky tinsel and a plastic tree? Here are four Christmas ideas to make your home a haven of creativity and style this festive season.

1. An origami-inspired wonderland

Strip your decorations back and opt for paper as a modern and striking choice this Christmas. You can purchase your decorations or, if you’ve got the time and creativity, use this opportunity to pick up a new skill and learn the ancient art of origami. Choose a less strident color pallet and keep the rest of the decorations minimal to make your unusual art a feature piece of the space.

2. A nature-based winter vignette

Start by going on a long winter walk and picking up a wide variety of interesting objects that catch your eye – a twisted piece of driftwood, interesting pebbles, vibrant leaves, and striking bark are a good place to start. Alternatively, purchase your pieces from a store if you find this more convenient. Source a large piece of cheap ply board and some strong glue and stick your items on the board, following a pattern or design of your choice.

3. A glass kaleidoscope wonderland

This idea requires some creativity on your part but creates a truly magical effect that takes advantage of the laws of light and shadow. Start by sourcing as many large and interestingly-shaped glass vessels as you can get your hands on, be they large jars, bottles, vases, or pots. Next, use colored tissue paper (if you want a livelier end product) or black sugar paper to create shapes and combinations that will produce interesting silhouettes once illuminated. Use a simple glue to affix them to the inside of the receptacles, and either place in front of an existing lamp for an everyday decoration, or add hosts of glimmering candles inside the jars for Christmas night or any other special occasion.

4. A modern Christmas tree

Whether you’re hosting a wonderful Christmas party or just planning to have a quiet festive season, a modern Christmas tree can transform any space from dull and unoriginal to fascinating and striking. Perfect when paired with minimalist décor, the modern Christmas tree adds a touch of class to any home as it casts its beautiful silhouette against the wall and ceiling and creates a sense of light and flow.

The most striking choice on this list, each of our trees at The Modern Christmas Tree comes with LED light, 96 chandelier crystals and bulb ornaments, and a mirror ball on an ornamotor for the ultimate in convenient, classy, and contemporary style.

– Leigh Marcos