Blown Away: Christmas features Modern Christmas Trees

Blown Away: Christmas has swapped out seasons one and two host Nick Uhas, formerly of Big Brother, for Bobby Berk, the long-suffering member of the new Queer Eye team, who tends to toil away off-camera creating spectacular space makeovers while his fellow cast members bond with the episode’s subject.

Bobby Berk previously guest-judged an episode of Blown Away, and was one of the better guest evaluators. In this special, he gives precise feedback, and at least acknowledging his own preferences, such as his reaction to one contestant’s color palette. Learn more about the 10′ Grand Modern Christmas Tree featured in this NETFLIX special.

The Holiday Hot Shop where all the magic takes place is a fantastic setting, big, spacious, and creative. Decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, it’s hard not to get into the Christmas spirit. Again, in this large space, you could have had more than one judge/expert evaluating their work.